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Hola guys!

Not much of an update from the last journal - situation goes from back to worse to nothing to worse to battles and... bah. Least said the better.

Anyways... would like a little light writing/reading/tinkering, so... I wondered if anybody would be so kind to oblige me with an answer? =>

Will probably be writing some little fanfictions/fictions, nevertheless -

Better yet, if anybody is interested in roleplaying anything with the below series/set-ups, please drop me a message! =>

Gummi Bears (Very interested in this one~~~)
Naruto (I am more interested in Kakashi, Gai, Anko, Tenten, Killer Bee, Tenten, Lee, etc... can still be interested in others, though =>)
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Random ideas -

a. Robot parents (who look rather Gundam-y/Transformer-y) have a child who looks rather normal. They have trouble sending him/her to robot academy, as the kid gets into fights a lot. Another problem is that the child frequently travels between robot and human communities, getting into trouble regularly. Even if they are fighting for justice, and only want the best for humanity and their child, the parents must lay down the law to try and keep the peace! *I can play either*
b. A gentleman cat adopts a dog boy as his own, though finds the boy to be a little of a pest to other cat-kids his age. The boy is a bit of a rough-houser, though he's well-meaning, but the cat hasn't the time for such games or attitude! *I can play either*
c. In a town forever haunted by fog or snow, lives two friends. Their houses are joined by their attic-rooms, which the two share. There are cautionary tales that are told to the children of the town, where the shadows that live in snow and mist take away children to keep the winter living on forever.
This is fact rather than fiction.
  The townspeople are all that stands in the way of the shadows in the mist from permeating the world with its dream of a "wintery forever". So aside from roles such as baker, butcher, tailor, blacksmith, teacher, bookkeeper, farmer, grocer, etc, each family has a warrior that must keep the world safe from the monsters of the mist.
 The family of one of the friends is composed of a father, mother and baby, whilst the other has only a grandmother. The two families are drawn closely together, helping each other get by as best as they can, to provide a safe and happy life for their children despite the often bleak landscape.
*If anybody would like to talk through the idea/characters or whatever, please feel free to contact me! :] *
d. A small ninja clan trains under the cover of night. The elder of the clan gives strict orders on alignment that are to be adhered to by the youths and underlings of the clan, although at times they can be selfish and be tempted to do jobs for others for money. This warrants severe punishment by the elders/warriors of the ninja clan who aim to teach their young the values of honor.
*Could be brutal. I can play anyone. Male or female spankee is fine either way*
e. A tribe of some sort of animal-people [humans with tail, ears, fangs etc] Chief has a son/daughter who is shirking his/her duties to learn to be a warrior. He/she is given one or several veterans to teach him/her how to be a hunter, a warrior, and leader, though this of course requires a lot of discipline...
*I can play any*

More to come~

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Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great one. ^w^
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I don't know which account your active on so I said it on them all. =P
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